Private,One-one-One Inner Work Coaching for Canadian Businesses and Leaders

self-transformation, business pivot, blocks, limiting beliefs, triggers, emotions

Private Sessions

One-on-one inner work directs much-needed attention to your inner world and accelerates your transformation.

In a private session, we take a profound inner journey, curiously observing the mind's inner workings and the body.

Your journey can have a theme or be open-ended.

During this inner experience, one may witness deep-rooted beliefs, internal conflicts, fears, hidden memories, AH-HAs, shifts, breakthroughs, tears, feeling the pain body, body sensations, vivid visions, time-warping, time-lapse experiences, heart connection, cessation of thoughts, peace and bliss, or a silent state.

The guidance is like a dance, honouring your unique flow and meeting you where you are right now. The nature of this journey is nuanced, and together we tune into each moment that arises.

As we unpack the layers in the inner world, identify and release the blocks and work together at the root level, your mindset and emotional states shift.

Deep Inner Work is gentle yet powerful as it has a high-potential for you to start witnessing inner shift(s) in your chosen area of work within just one or two sessions, rather than months or years of self-work.

Inner Work is experienced in a connected, caring and confidential container.

A private session takes you to a deep place and lasts anywhere from 75 to 90 minutes. For ongoing clients who are doing self-work and depending on individual circumstances, shorter sessions are available.

Ready to explore working together? Let's connect over a video call.

Swift Shift

Marta loves working with clients who are ready to drive in the fast lane of personal development.

Given you are at a place you're ready to kick into high gear, let's talk.

What People Say:

Journeys - Which is Yours?

Each journey is unique. These themes are glimpses of possibility and signposts calling you to an adventure we can take together to support your self-transformation. We can also design an adventure highly unique to you, the sky is the limit.

Discovery session

Let's Map It!

Let's "draw" a comprehensive holistic map to see where you are at including opportunity gaps. With clarity, we journey forward together!

I would like that!
Design your own Inner Journey

Design Your Own

What change would drastically improve your life? What's your biggest block? What are you most curious about? Let's journey there together.

Cash flow, limiting beliefs about money, money blocks, abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset

Money Blocks & Financial Wellness

41% of Canadians rank money as their greatest stressor. Together we power through limiting beliefs surrounding money holding you back from financial opportunities in personal and business life.

I need thi$!
Inner strength, personal power, confidence and self-doubt

Stand in Your Power & Success

How strong do you feel standing on your two feet? Your inner strength is your foundation of success. Let's begin reclaiming your power.

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Loving yourself and self improvement


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi. Let’s unveil your big heart.

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Turning around difficult relationships, emotional triggers, buttons get pushed, emotional reactivity

Triggers & Intense Relationships

Stuck in a vicious reactionary cycle with a difficult person? Feeling frequently triggered? Let’s find some ease in that uneasy situation. Each trigger could be a treasure.

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Prolonged stress, burnout recovery, entrepreneurial overwhelm and burnout, boosting energy

From Burnout To Boost

Reaching the point of burnout? Overwhelmed? Let’s look for misalignments and work towards getting you back on track and feeling more harmonious.

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Repetitive or negative thought patterns

Echo Chamber

Feeling defeated by incessant thought patterns? Let’s ease that infinite loop or compulsive focus on negative thoughts. We all experience them! Together, with patience we move closer to inner peace.

Peace please
What’s your biggest personal or professional challenge?

Prickly Problem

What problem keeps poking at you? We all experience procrastination, feeling stuck, failure. Ready to start turning that elephant into an ant? We will transcend it together.

Let's do this! 
Letting go of fear of fear of change, failure, unknown, disappointing others, risks

Dear Fear

What fear engulfs or stresses you? Your own greatness, being in the spotlight, failure, the unknown, loneliness, or not knowing enough? With mindfulness, gentleness and love we ease it.

I feel ready
Ikigai, reason for being, raison d'être, life purpose, unique ability, best self

Superpower & Purpose

What’s holding you back from standing boldly right in the epicentre of your unique Zone of Genius? Let’s unleash the inner superhero. The world needs you.

I got my cape!
Self-transformation, power to change, personal transformation, awakening and self-liberation

6-Month Deep Transformation

Is something inside you aching for a deeper transformation? The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is one of the most exquisite in the natural world. Freedom, here we come.

I want my wings!