Team Inner Work Coaching for Businesses & Group Sessions

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Group & Team Sessions

Guided Inner Work for groups and teams takes you on a collective team journey into transformation.

The group is mindfully guided through Inner Work in a manner inclusive of individual needs, that measures progress, and is mindful that everyone is experiencing results throughout.

With corporate teams, business teams or start-ups, the group is "working" in unison on a chosen theme. For example:

  • Working remotely as a cohesive team during COVID-19
  • Team wellness during COVID-19
  • Pivoting the business model during the pandemic
  • Team happiness
  • Creative problem solving
  • Team communication
  • Project roadblocks
  • Goal alignment
  • Any theme selected by the team
Inner Work for Canadian Teams and Groups
Together, we power through blocks that limit high-performance.

The group session focuses on the inner game. It entails identifying and dissolving internal roadblocks experienced by each team member to individually and collectively transform team dynamics and boost results.

Deep Inner Work is gentle yet powerful as it has a high-potential for you to start witnessing inner shift(s) in your chosen area of work within just one or two sessions, rather than months or years of self-work.

The journey happens in a connected, caring and confidential container.

Beyond feeling a shift, participants often experience a group connection after the session.

Group sessions last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. We can also include group dialogue within the group session.

Do you want to shine the light on your team's inner game? Let's connect on a video call.

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