Present Experiences

Marta hosts a variety of Inner Work group events & experiences via Zoom. All sessions honour safe space and are not recorded. To stay in the loop, here is our mailing list.

  • March 5: Inner Work 101 (Join us!)

  • We also have an ongoing Inner Work group that meets twice a month.

Past Experiences

2020 Group Events & Experiences

In 2020, we deep dived together into the following themes:

  • Strength-Based Leadership for CEOs, Directors, HR Heads and Team Leaders (See it)
  • Money Mind$set with Marta
  • CashFLOW with Marta & Mike (See it)
  • Self-Care with Inner Work & Face Yoga (See it)
  • Inner Work Visioning: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 (See it)
  • Discovering The Listener Within (Inner Work & Improv) (See it)
  • Social Media Presence from the Inside Out with Mara & Marta (See it)
  • Inner Work Play
  • Inner Work – Deep Dive
  • Inner Work 101 for High-Performers
  • Inner Work 101
  • Inner Power and Inner Cages
  • Inner Work 101 for CEOs
  • Self-Mastery 101: Present Breath
  • Self-Mastery 101: Self-Wealth