Present Experiences

Marta hosts a variety of Inner Work group events & experiences via Zoom. All sessions honour safe space and are not recorded. To stay in the loop, here is our mailing list.

    Stay tuned for upcoming events!

    We also have an ongoing Inner Work group that meets twice a month.

Past Experiences

Past Group Events & Experiences

We deep-dived together into the following themes:

  • Standing WholeHEARTedly in the Spotlight (See it)
  • Strength-Based Leadership for CEOs, Directors, HR Heads and Team Leaders (See it)
  • Money Mind$set with Marta
  • CashFLOW with Marta & Mike (See it)
  • Self-Care with Inner Work & Face Yoga (See it)
  • Inner Work Visioning: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 (See it)
  • Discovering The Listener Within (Inner Work & Improv) (See it)
  • Social Media Presence from the Inside Out with Mara & Marta (See it)
  • Inner Work Play
  • Inner Work – Deep Dive
  • Inner Work 101 for High-Performers
  • Inner Work 101
  • Inner Power and Inner Cages
  • Inner Work 101 for CEOs
  • Self-Mastery 101: Present Breath
  • Self-Mastery 101: Self-Wealth